bioGRAF Allograft is offered in mineralized and demineralized particulates. bioGRAF is a safe, predictable and effective solution for providing a scaffolding for cell ingrowth and promoting the growth of new bone.

Natural Allograft Bone

bioGRAF Mineralized Allograft Particulates preserve natural collagen and minerals with the bony structure of allograft. The existence of these natural minerals and collagen facilitates remodeling of the host bone suitable for implantation. bioGRAF products are processed to promote new bone formation.

Safe and Effective

The complete line of bioGRAF products has been processed and sterilized to the highest standards set forth by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB®) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. bioGRAF allograft is obtained and processed in conjunction with AATB accredited tissue banks.

Tissue Processing

Tissues are processed by AATB accredited tissue banks in accordance with FDA regulations, as well as our own stringent processes, policies and procedures. Operating to these standards allows Regenx to provide you with one of the purest, predictable and proven allografts available today.

bioGRAF is recommended for:

  • Extraction socket preservation
  • Ridge and sinus augmentation
  • Periodontal defects
  • Sinus elevation
  • Grafting for implant placement
  • Composite sinus grafting

Functional Quality Comparison:

bioGRAF Mineralized Allograft Particulate

bioGRAF Allograft Particulates offer the structural strength required to maintain space and volume during the remodeling phase. Used alone or as a composite graft, bioGRAF Particulates are an effective alternative to intraoral graft harvesting.

  • Provides scaffold for cell ingrowth
  • Remodels completely
  • Predictable Guided Bone Regeneration
  • Stabilizes implants after 4-6 months
  • Fills voids and extensive bone defects
  • Regeneration of periodontal defects

bioGRAF Mineralized/Demineralized Blend Allograft Particulate

bioGRAF Mineralized/Demineralized Cortical maintains the space required for bone growth and has the osteoinductive properties known to be necessary for new bone formation. This blend contains 70% mineralized cortical plus 30% demineralized cortical.

bioGRAF Demineralized Allograft Particulate

bioGRAF Demineralized Cortical Bone is appropriate for use in any procedure where bone healing is desired. Routine testing for osteoinductivity is performed to ensure the highest quality and efficacy for your regeneration procedures.

  • Filling voids and defects
  • Filling structural allografts
  • Augmenting prosthetic implants
  • Increasing osteoinduction

bioGRAF Mineralized Allograft Particulate
Allograft Particulate

Order # Volume Particulate Size
OUSCAN1 0.5cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCAN2 1.0cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCAN3 2.0cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCOR1 0.5cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCOR2 1.0cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCOR3 2.0cc 250-1000 microns
Natural Blend Cancellous/Cortical
O2 0.5cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCOR2 1.0cc 250-1000 microns
OUSCOR3 2.0cc 250-1000 microns

bioGRAF Mineralized/Demineralized Blend
Allograft Particulate

Order # Volume Particulate Size
OUSMDCOR1 0.5cc 250-1000 microns
OUSMDCOR2 1.0cc 250-1000 microns
OUSMDCOR3 2.0cc 250-1000 microns

bioGRAF Demineralized
Allograft Particulate

Order # Volume Particulate Size
OUSDEM1 0.25cc 125-710 microns
OUSDEM2 0.5cc 125-710 microns
OUSDEM3 1.0cc 125-710 microns
OUSDEM4 3.0cc 125-710 microns